Friday, November 13, 2009


here is part of the order awaiting tags, packaging and sending. notice that in a small studio everything has to be double duty including me the boss and the gofer and the slab-roller, sorting and packaging table.

All is done now packed ,delivered or shipped.

Feels good?

I suppose being done with all the pending orders is such a relief, yet I feel a bit empty in spite of the up coming show on Friday " Capital City Art and Craft show, @ the Civic Center In Charleston WV" and the interview with the local TV news before that on Tuesday at 8:00 am.

I think what I need is more time in the studio now that I have time for me but then I do have this show to prepare for, a studio that could use a good cleaning, and a Thanksgiving which is the once a year gathering of all of our family at home. with Mom ( me) enjoying her other passion of cooking for all.

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