Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just before Thanksgiving

 my Christmas village

This weekend is dedicated to the Capital City Art and Craft  show here in Charleston at the Civic Center. It was the usual in crowds and buyers but I was impressed by the new additions as they were quality crafts and arts. of course there still was the normal junk that sells real well, better than Walmart, but this show seems to be getting better not worse.

Another shot showing a sculpture of Don and his Afghan.

I took the pictures beforehand since I was hoping to be depleted by now and am writing on a Sunday morning since the show is from 12-6 and this is the only time before the madness of thanksgiving begins; with my children and their families all staying at the house and cooking and laughing and playing and screaming at the Ball game on TV.  Oh I so look forward to this beautiful madness that fills my heart with joy. 

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