Saturday, June 07, 2008

My Ball of Yarn

I got published for the second time in Art to Art Palet

Ralph asked; what do I see next for me?

And all I could think of is this giant ball of yarn that I am precariously perched atop.

People say they are at a cross roads but I am at a Ball of yarn, It has so many loose ends I cannot find the end that will unravel it.

Color, form, function, beauty, emotion, profundity, lightness, playfulness, heart warming, wrenching. Where to go? How to get there?

My Claybeings are my success, “you cannot argue with success” yet they are my limitation “you cannot argue with success” for without argument there is no clash of thought and without clash of thought there is no change, growing and evolving.

So I have to put my success aside, keep it in a compartment and try to regain that feeling when I started working with clay 13 years ago, that wide eyed wonder at the possibilities yet I want to keep my energy focused and not get lost in my giant ball of yarn and all the beginnings it offers me.

I want me to concentrate on evolving from my success into a new direction, I want to bring my deeper feelings out in my work, I want to elaborate, expand and stretch the limits of my work both physically and emotionally.

So next will be seriousness to my work without loosing the playfulness, a maturing without becoming old and a focus without rigidity. Or so I hope.