Sunday, February 28, 2016

Last Day of Challenge

This is the end of my month as a wall exhibitor in the art room and I have not posted anything between the beginning and the end.

But I did make something every day of the month as I do every month, for I am a maker who loves to make.

Sorry for the delay and the abbreviated posting.

Here are examples of what I made in February.

Spoon/ ladle holders made of clay in Pottery for Pleasure to give
to Cooking Fingers friends at our Valentine tea party

And some earrings I made in Beading and Jewelry Making club.
Two Parentheses and one Spiral pairs of earrings
 I was also working on my contribution to our exhibit Beatlemania at Art Track.

At Tract Logo designed by one of the members of Art in the City Club

There will be an opening reception on Wednesday the 2nd and the exhibition will be up for the month of March.

Monday, February 01, 2016

First Day of Challenge

We have an art club here and every month one of us will be a featured artist,
It so happens that it is my turn in February so I set it up this morning and here are the results
My wall of fame :)

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Back in the saddle

I have not written since my Mom Passed. it must have had a stronger effect on me than I ever suspected, although  she lives still in my heart and mind,, I am ready now to return to my blog as the maker that I am.

Beginning tomorrow, it is the make a thing a day challenge.

So for the month of February it is going to be a post a day, small or big, simple or involved I will post something I made that day.

I did this a few years ago but I limited myself to fish, this time however I am leaving my options open and will see if it works better.

Since a picture is worth a .......

Here are a couple of pictures from our last trip to Europe. 

Budapest by night

Vienna by day
It was a wonderful trip even with having to stop before the end destination of Nuremberg for low water on the blue Danube which isn't really blue :)