Saturday, September 04, 2010


 This is where the old chairs will go
 I am busy with making changes in my life. I am sad and joyous, expectant and anxious.
We will be leaving our dream home in almost heaven to go south where the grand babies are and the winters are warm.
The yard is much smaller and the house is easier. But no more personal pottery since they have a wonderful community pottery studio right in there. Besides the pools and gym and and and...
Now comes the hard part trying to separate what I need form what I want and what I desperately want to keep. trying to fit it all in half the space, and trying to accept a change in life style that was coming on ever so slowly.
There is a comfortable resignation about my Clayville Pottery but also a regret that now that I figured the business part so well I am leaving business behind and moving to making pots for pleasure , exhibitions and as gifts.
I think it will be good for me as an artist to have new challenges as I was getting pretty comfortable here with my modest local fame and collectors that keep coming back for more.

 Entrance into the dream house
Furniture inherited from a past generation with hope for next generation
So it is moving with us

Goodbye WV Hello SC