Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Pottery collection

Looking out from where I sit at the dinner table, not only am I treated to all the beautiful outdoors, but I also am getting an eyeful of some wonderful pottery acquired by trade, purchase and gift.

Notably a bottle by Dick Lehman won at an after workshop auction, A Mark Hewitt mug purchased at another, a Debi Witchman traded for a Claybeing, a Billie Mitchel pink Rattle, a Dave Garner Raku Vase, a Don Goodrich Bowl and many more all in Christmas or Clayart exchanges.

So I sit at the table filling my stomach with food but also my soul with art and spirit with nature.

My Faeries

This is where the faeries play cards with the autumn leaves when no one is looking, all that is left for us to see are all the leafcards scattered when they rushed to hide.

And this is the tree they sleep in right outside my bedroom window. I bid them goodnight every night before I go to bed.

Rooms with Views

Autumn is in full swing here in Charleston especially all around the house, I mean outside not inside.

But sitting on the inside unaffected by the weather, looking out, is such a joy.
here are a few views from my hilltop home.

and another view right out the front door

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Mound Show

I did the mound Festival in South Charleston in September and it seems either the economy has affected it or it went down on its own.

But I had fun; The weather was great, even a bit cool, my daughter in law joined me with her hand made bags that matched my work with its colorfulness and she was joined by her daughter Kate 4 who helped actually and emotionally. I also won first place for craft, for lack of sculpture category.

Summer is over!!

It has been a crazy busy wonderful summer. Every moment of it I tried to memorize and stamp on my brain. The weather was great, traveling went smoothly and family was all good and happy. My pottery work was also good and ideas flowed enough to keep me busy till winter. I juried into a couple of exhibitions and won first place at an art fair.

But summer is over and my grandson has broken his leg, my clay is giving me trouble with a lot of cracking and autumn in spite of all its glorious colors and mild tempratures is bringing me down from my summer highs. So I am settling down into a pensive calmer state with an orange haze instead of the crisp blue green of last summer.