Wednesday, April 27, 2011


To the Art House, an old flour mill turned into a hotel and gallery, my sister and I went to listen to a fiends son who has become an international Symphonic Clarinetist.

After a minute of silence for the fallen, he started his performance.
He made love to his clarinet and his audience, swaying gently,hypnotizing that imaginary snake, growing the music louder, softer, deeper, harsher always conjuring emotions eloquently, harmoniously, beautifully.

I have not seen him since he was a teen. I grew old and he grew to be famous. And although he lives, like me, in the US, I only managed to hear him in our birth country among faces unknown yet familiar for they are my origin.


I went on my yearly trek to visit my mother in Syria. This year I had no apprehensions, although everyone around me tried to dissuade me because of the news. but like I expected it was a wonderful trip.
I enjoyed seeing my mom and spending quality time with my sister and brother. and even the weather cooperated by being mostly nice.
For pictures and more description you can go to my last year post that was very detailed  .Last year Damascus

My February of fish

I had not meant to write about the fish anymore. One month of writing about fish on Face Book and Posterous. was enough but I told Paula I will have them on my blog so here they are.
And a link to the larger pictures with descriptions on Face Book

The Fish on Face Book