Monday, August 19, 2013

Life interferes

Although I was writing I was not in the mood for socializing.

Mama just a few years ago at home still active as an honorary president of the Red Crescent for life
Since my last post I went to visit my Mom who was in Lebanon as the fighting in Syria reached an unbearable level for such a frail lady. I saw her,smelled her felt her hands and said goodbye as I knew I will not get to see her ever again except in my dreams both sleeping and awake.
My mother Passed away peacefully one Monday in July, she was surrounded by loving family even though it was impossible for me to be there.

My mother was kind, outspoken, courageous loving and loved.
She lived, LIVED actually. she lived long and wide and touched so many people with her volunteerism, kindness, intelligence and brightness.

She was called  "Kamar" which means "moon" in Arabic but she was even brighter, for she was ' Like the Sun emitting light and warmth"

She left a huge foot print that will last a long, long time. I will not count all her virtues, medals, positions held, and goals reached, suffice it to say. she will be remeberd.

Goodbye Mama, I miss you a lot but you live in my heart and mind forever.

Mama sitting at her Desk in the Red Crescent of which she was president (a volunteer) for 25 years