Monday, June 08, 2009


North to Alaska:

We just got back from a cruise to Alaska. I actually think Alaska can be experienced better by traveling to it, not from a cruise, But being the (like to be pampered People that we are), we did chose wisely.

The weather cooperated famously by being crisp, cool and sunny.

Seattle; where we started was not even gray, just a few clouds in a blue sky.

The ship was modern, well designed and easy to navigate, the food was great as all cruise food should be. But the highlight, of course, was ALASKA.

What a beautiful state, what wonderful bays and inlets, and what magnificent islands and glaciers.

Alaska, Glacier Bay

We spent the first day sailing north then we sailed some more into Glacier Bay and what scenery and colors and wildlife.
On the way there we saw some whale spouts but were promised by the captain to slow down and see them on the way back, which we did, the glaciers for those that do not know are rivers of pure ice and as they reach the sea in their slow march they get pummeled by the salt water and the warmth and they will, Calf, by breaking pieces off and dumping it in the sea.

We didn’t see any while we were there but could see plenty of pieces floating around the bay.
On the way back from Glacier bay we saw some far off whales spouting and one that was especially playful and jumped out and smacked his tail a couple of times.

Alaska, Juneau

Next we sailed into Juneau, a beautiful city/town with plenty of things to do and each chose their own activity. We ended up at a salmon bake and a visit to an old gold mine in a very picturesque spot and then, what else, shopping.

Alaska, Sitka

On the shortest night 10:30-4 we traveled to Sitka, and what a beautiful town it is, the harbor could not handle the big ship so we had to be tendered ashore.

Sitka is full of Russian influence noticeable on approach by the Russian Orthodox Church and its dome. It is a quaint little town with little shops, galleries and parks.

We went to the National park where we saw many totem poles and a couple of eagles.

Alaska, Ketchikan

Ketchikan was next with its beautiful harbor and little islands and wild life both animal and human represented by Dolly house and married men trail.

All of these places, we were told are rain forests which would never have occurred to me except for they really felt like cool rain forests. With tall trees, wild flowers and life, and moss growing everywhere.

Alaska, The final leg

The ship stopped in Victoria Canada for a short time, so we stayed on the ship enjoying the peace and quite and a leisurely meal.

And then at our final stop, Seattle, we saw the Star princess, a ship, of which we had fond memories of our trip to the crribean, 13 years ago with our daughter and many friends. We disembarked and transferred to the airport to come home full of wonder and delight