Sunday, December 06, 2009

End of year report.

Yesterday was my last show of the season, It has been a fair year in sales but a marvelous year in recognition, and you know how artists need their egos stroked.
There was a great article about me and my work in wonderful West Virginia Living magazine, there was a newspaper articles and a TV interview but most importantly I was juried int the WV Juried show, on my fourth try. and my piece in it sold, so double ego boosts.

  This one made it

And this one didn't

What a difference a few days will make.

Today the winter started with a bang, even the sun could not get warm enough.

And the moon clutched onto some barren branches of the oak tree trying to stay while the sun chased her across the sky.

And snow bloomed on some dead pods, leftover from a distant summer.

Yet only 3 days ago the sky was on fire with a marvelous display of red and orange while today it is all icy blue and silver.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is over and so are most of the leftovers. It was the quietest one I had in over 30 years.

We always celebrated largely first with our small family and a large family of fiends then lately with just our family that is not so small anymore.

This was the first Thanksgiving without my mother in law who passed away last winter, and my son and his family circus with 4 boisterous children, six and under, who make a lot of happy noise could not make it as most of them were sick with the Flu, boy do I hate the Flu.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just before Thanksgiving

 my Christmas village

This weekend is dedicated to the Capital City Art and Craft  show here in Charleston at the Civic Center. It was the usual in crowds and buyers but I was impressed by the new additions as they were quality crafts and arts. of course there still was the normal junk that sells real well, better than Walmart, but this show seems to be getting better not worse.

Another shot showing a sculpture of Don and his Afghan.

I took the pictures beforehand since I was hoping to be depleted by now and am writing on a Sunday morning since the show is from 12-6 and this is the only time before the madness of thanksgiving begins; with my children and their families all staying at the house and cooking and laughing and playing and screaming at the Ball game on TV.  Oh I so look forward to this beautiful madness that fills my heart with joy. 

Monday, November 16, 2009

A day well spent

I went with a few friends to a Jen Allen workshop at Concord University in Athens, WV

The day started on the right note with a beautiful sunrise that made my heart sing.       
 The workshop was very informative and she was very pleasant and open. She answered all questions and shared her recipes and tricks of the trade.

Here are some of her pieces in progress at different stages of being slipped, carved, trimmed and handles applied.

And applying the colored engobes and accent glazes with a syringe bottle after which she will wax the decorations to keep the glaze from settling on them then dip the whole thing in her beautiful Celadons and others.

 And the finished, intricate, layered and functional product.

Friday, November 13, 2009


here is part of the order awaiting tags, packaging and sending. notice that in a small studio everything has to be double duty including me the boss and the gofer and the slab-roller, sorting and packaging table.

All is done now packed ,delivered or shipped.

Feels good?

I suppose being done with all the pending orders is such a relief, yet I feel a bit empty in spite of the up coming show on Friday " Capital City Art and Craft show, @ the Civic Center In Charleston WV" and the interview with the local TV news before that on Tuesday at 8:00 am.

I think what I need is more time in the studio now that I have time for me but then I do have this show to prepare for, a studio that could use a good cleaning, and a Thanksgiving which is the once a year gathering of all of our family at home. with Mom ( me) enjoying her other passion of cooking for all.

Half way there

On my way to the finish, everything bisqued. some painted and all awaiting glazing and second firing.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Claybeings everywhere

Even had to improvise for an extra table top. A Bat on top of a bucket right by the Kiln vent.
Claybeings, drying slowly in the improvised humid Cabinet, really a mini green house.
And the kiln is getting filled.

Just finished "building" all the orders I had pending. and then had to make more so I can be ready for Capital City Arts and Crafts Show in a little over 2 weeks.

Claybeings are everywhere in the studio, drying, being fired and finished.

But today is a no studio day as I wait for the kiln to finish the Bisque firing for the first batch, hoping I didn't put them in too wet. And hoping the next batch dry fast to fire it next while I am staining/coloring this bunch.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Pottery collection

Looking out from where I sit at the dinner table, not only am I treated to all the beautiful outdoors, but I also am getting an eyeful of some wonderful pottery acquired by trade, purchase and gift.

Notably a bottle by Dick Lehman won at an after workshop auction, A Mark Hewitt mug purchased at another, a Debi Witchman traded for a Claybeing, a Billie Mitchel pink Rattle, a Dave Garner Raku Vase, a Don Goodrich Bowl and many more all in Christmas or Clayart exchanges.

So I sit at the table filling my stomach with food but also my soul with art and spirit with nature.

My Faeries

This is where the faeries play cards with the autumn leaves when no one is looking, all that is left for us to see are all the leafcards scattered when they rushed to hide.

And this is the tree they sleep in right outside my bedroom window. I bid them goodnight every night before I go to bed.

Rooms with Views

Autumn is in full swing here in Charleston especially all around the house, I mean outside not inside.

But sitting on the inside unaffected by the weather, looking out, is such a joy.
here are a few views from my hilltop home.

and another view right out the front door

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Mound Show

I did the mound Festival in South Charleston in September and it seems either the economy has affected it or it went down on its own.

But I had fun; The weather was great, even a bit cool, my daughter in law joined me with her hand made bags that matched my work with its colorfulness and she was joined by her daughter Kate 4 who helped actually and emotionally. I also won first place for craft, for lack of sculpture category.

Summer is over!!

It has been a crazy busy wonderful summer. Every moment of it I tried to memorize and stamp on my brain. The weather was great, traveling went smoothly and family was all good and happy. My pottery work was also good and ideas flowed enough to keep me busy till winter. I juried into a couple of exhibitions and won first place at an art fair.

But summer is over and my grandson has broken his leg, my clay is giving me trouble with a lot of cracking and autumn in spite of all its glorious colors and mild tempratures is bringing me down from my summer highs. So I am settling down into a pensive calmer state with an orange haze instead of the crisp blue green of last summer.

Monday, June 08, 2009


North to Alaska:

We just got back from a cruise to Alaska. I actually think Alaska can be experienced better by traveling to it, not from a cruise, But being the (like to be pampered People that we are), we did chose wisely.

The weather cooperated famously by being crisp, cool and sunny.

Seattle; where we started was not even gray, just a few clouds in a blue sky.

The ship was modern, well designed and easy to navigate, the food was great as all cruise food should be. But the highlight, of course, was ALASKA.

What a beautiful state, what wonderful bays and inlets, and what magnificent islands and glaciers.

Alaska, Glacier Bay

We spent the first day sailing north then we sailed some more into Glacier Bay and what scenery and colors and wildlife.
On the way there we saw some whale spouts but were promised by the captain to slow down and see them on the way back, which we did, the glaciers for those that do not know are rivers of pure ice and as they reach the sea in their slow march they get pummeled by the salt water and the warmth and they will, Calf, by breaking pieces off and dumping it in the sea.

We didn’t see any while we were there but could see plenty of pieces floating around the bay.
On the way back from Glacier bay we saw some far off whales spouting and one that was especially playful and jumped out and smacked his tail a couple of times.

Alaska, Juneau

Next we sailed into Juneau, a beautiful city/town with plenty of things to do and each chose their own activity. We ended up at a salmon bake and a visit to an old gold mine in a very picturesque spot and then, what else, shopping.

Alaska, Sitka

On the shortest night 10:30-4 we traveled to Sitka, and what a beautiful town it is, the harbor could not handle the big ship so we had to be tendered ashore.

Sitka is full of Russian influence noticeable on approach by the Russian Orthodox Church and its dome. It is a quaint little town with little shops, galleries and parks.

We went to the National park where we saw many totem poles and a couple of eagles.

Alaska, Ketchikan

Ketchikan was next with its beautiful harbor and little islands and wild life both animal and human represented by Dolly house and married men trail.

All of these places, we were told are rain forests which would never have occurred to me except for they really felt like cool rain forests. With tall trees, wild flowers and life, and moss growing everywhere.

Alaska, The final leg

The ship stopped in Victoria Canada for a short time, so we stayed on the ship enjoying the peace and quite and a leisurely meal.

And then at our final stop, Seattle, we saw the Star princess, a ship, of which we had fond memories of our trip to the crribean, 13 years ago with our daughter and many friends. We disembarked and transferred to the airport to come home full of wonder and delight

Monday, May 25, 2009

Vandalia Gathering

My friend Mary, who is more of a traditional potter was demonstrating at the Gathering. People loved watching her throw and the kids were great fans too.

Vandalia gathering

I was at Vandalia Gathering my first show of the season this Saturday and Sunday.
This is one of my favorites, because it is not a craft show exclusively, for it has music, liar contests, fiddle playing competitions, and dulcimers playing and for sale, also native plants for sale and Irish dancing, among many more activities.

The place is the beautiful WV Capitol grounds with big trees, flowering shrubs, and well-kept lawns.

Like last year I was set up right by the Capitol steps but this time I didn’t see any kids climbing them, a puzzle to ponder.

My sales were very good this year and some credit has to go to that wonderful article in WV Living Magazine featuring me working in my studio. And some to the beautiful weather and maybe the economy is not as bad as we thought.

The curious thing though is that except for 2 very small items All I sold were Claybeings they seemed to talk to people and give them a lift in spirits enough to want to own one or two or three. I sold Nothing Functional although I normally do and my functional ware is also decorative so there is another puzzle to ponder.

So unlike my one and only out of town show, this time I came home with full pockets and half empty boxes and a solid conviction than one should grow where one is planted.

Sticking close to home seems to suit me perfectly as I am getting to be known around here and people seem to appreciate my work while I am making new friends and loyal customers all the time. One note though, my biggest 2 sales where to out of towners, yet another puzzle to ponder.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Sun Shiney Day

Good morning world;

Today the sun is shining, the air is crisp and the temperature is just so right. That everything is right with the world, life is good.

Here are a few pictures from around the house 10 minutes ago so..

Enough writing I have to go out and enjoy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What I did for me

Today is mother’s day and since I am a mother I was able to do whatever I wanted, which meant going to my studio and making some mother sculptures with variation/improvements on what I normally do. Then went back in the house and made some Taboule since I love cooking and love it. So all in all it has been a great mothers day especially since my children are far away and there is no way for me to be with them today. hearing their voices was nice.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

another day another feature

Well I was again featured in a publication, this time, in the very beautiful and artistic “WV Living Magazine” their web presence is at:

I am busy making animal sculptures for Tamarack for the upcoming exhibit “Named, Tamed or Trained”

Will post pictures when done.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Robert "Boomer" Moore

Last Friday we went to a workshop in Concord University in Athens WV
It turned out to be a very nice day for the drive.

Robert ‘Boomer’ Moore was the presenter. He also had a show in conjunction with the workshop. and it was split between his functional work and his sculptures.

He is an assistant professor at WVU and an avid tool maker, kiln builder and of course first and formost a potter.

His demonstration was informative, relaxed and fun he made Casseroles, mugs and candle holders.

After throwing on the wheel he pushed out then torched, pushed out and torched until he had these wonderful bubbles all around the form.

All the time telling us about his days at University of Utah at Logan where he got his MFA in ceramics. telling us about his wife that stuck with him since she was his sweetheart in school and also telling us about his sculptures that were inspired by his observation of his children and by his hopes and fears for them.

He then related his beginnings in production pottery and how he kept on making these kinds of functional pots until one of his professors told him to “stop making pots for your mother”

His pots are soft undulating and organic with a bit of whimsy to them, although they are not really meant for function yet they retain the ethics of functional pottery.

His sculptures are profound, made of multimedia; with glass, wood and metal besides pottery and yet retaining the whimsy that is obvious in all his work.

And so we came home wishing we had planned to stay for the whole workshop but one day was better than nothing,

I will make it a point to seek out another workshop by him, maybe a hands on.