Sunday, May 04, 2008

Today I cleaned my studio:

I don’t mean cleaned it with water and got it clean which I do often. I cleaned it of stuff and that led me to review all the paths I went or didn’t go through, all the ideas abandoned all the projects started and not finished for the lack of time or distraction by orders for my usual Claybeings that I like making and always sell well but…

Before the Claybeings: ideas would attack me from every bush, every sky, every child, every work of art and on and on.. But the success of the Claybeings made the attacks less frequent and intense. So when I cleaned my studio I rememberd the slip trailing I intended to do, the clay paintings I was to experiment with, the favorite painters I wanted to reference in a series. And many more started and abandoned projects for a later time that seemed to never come.

Friends of mine went back to school to expand their horizons, but it is too late, too confining and too impractical for me to do it at this stage of my life. But I think cleaning my studio will do that for me, at least for a little while until success interferes again.

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