Friday, January 02, 2009

My Comfort Zone

Mel said make your tools. Make your wheel. make your kiln.

I bought my tools, I bought my wheel, I bought my kiln, computerized ^6 electric.

To each their own.

My gift/ passion is design not really craft, to finish my work I do have to have craftsmanship so I practiced until I got it but what really, really makes me get up and go are the ideas that need executing not necessarily the exaction of the ideas.

I have no talent for making the tools I use to make the things that I make but making the things I make is what keeps me alive and happy.

So although some of us will never be Mels, we each will find our comfort zone of working. So I am sticking with making art, designing my own brochures and writing all these stories that go with my work, taking my own pictures etc. etc. as there’s only so much time and energy to do my work that I will leave making the tools to the Phils that know and like making them.

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