Monday, May 25, 2009

Vandalia gathering

I was at Vandalia Gathering my first show of the season this Saturday and Sunday.
This is one of my favorites, because it is not a craft show exclusively, for it has music, liar contests, fiddle playing competitions, and dulcimers playing and for sale, also native plants for sale and Irish dancing, among many more activities.

The place is the beautiful WV Capitol grounds with big trees, flowering shrubs, and well-kept lawns.

Like last year I was set up right by the Capitol steps but this time I didn’t see any kids climbing them, a puzzle to ponder.

My sales were very good this year and some credit has to go to that wonderful article in WV Living Magazine featuring me working in my studio. And some to the beautiful weather and maybe the economy is not as bad as we thought.

The curious thing though is that except for 2 very small items All I sold were Claybeings they seemed to talk to people and give them a lift in spirits enough to want to own one or two or three. I sold Nothing Functional although I normally do and my functional ware is also decorative so there is another puzzle to ponder.

So unlike my one and only out of town show, this time I came home with full pockets and half empty boxes and a solid conviction than one should grow where one is planted.

Sticking close to home seems to suit me perfectly as I am getting to be known around here and people seem to appreciate my work while I am making new friends and loyal customers all the time. One note though, my biggest 2 sales where to out of towners, yet another puzzle to ponder.

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