Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ending and Beginnings.

I started making pottery about 15 years ago. In the beginning it was almost all wheel thrown with a lot of altering carving and addin beacause I could not keep my hands off the clay.

One day my niece is visiting and we go in the studio to make some and she wants a sculpture of her and her mom, and we do it and that is how the first Claybeing was born.

And it snowballed from there with the birth of Clayville and all the Clayons and Clayettes that inhabited it from then on.

It was a lovely ride with a lot of fun along the way and as it happens the last Claybeing was of my niece but this time it was of her and her future husband a "Promise" to adorn her wedding Cake.

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Tala said...

i love you khalto. your blog is so cute. I'm honored to be a factor of the first and last claybeings. inshAllah new inspirations to come in your new home.

all the best,
your baby niece,