Monday, March 07, 2011

Mr. Holland's House

After Dinner on Saturday we were invited to go to Mr. Holland's house. I felt like Gretel wanting all that eye candy she found. pots everywhere most of them very recognizable from very recognizable names.
My favorite elongated pair
These caught my attention as soon as I entered the living room, standing tall between Jennifer Allen's and Julia Galloway's  beautiful pitchers , but he had a block on the name and I still do not know who made them.

Mugs all under the kitchen ceiling

A Soldner a Cushing and a Reitz

A wonderful Hewitt surrounded  by boxes

Even the bedroom had many pots and a quilt

And a table for miniatures
It was an experience so stimulating that it was exhausting. I cannot fathom how he can live with all that all the time but for a short period. Ah! Heaven!!!

See more of the collection at:
Dwight Holland house

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