Sunday, April 15, 2012


My friend "Betsy Stryker" painted this beautiful painting:

I saw it on the wall in the art room and was so moved to write a little description:

"She sat there on her wall, reclining restfully, sensuously, Serenely in red. People think serenity is blue, but she proves them wrong , by half lying there listening to her own muses and music, playing slowly with her beads, surrendering to her inner being, basking in the scent of her orchid.
That flaming, Flamingo listening woman, is quietly in total oblivion to all but her music, her thoughts and her serenity ."

Being me I could not stop there, so I got permission and made "Serenity" in my favorite medium, clay, with mason stains and a clear glaze:

And of course I have to tell the world about it:)


Ann said...

Good job- you've captured the spirit of the painting. What size is it?

Mayssan Shora Farra said...

The painting is about 40"X40" while the plate is about 15" slab built

Sima said...

Gorgeous, Mom!! I LOVE both the the painting AND your interpretations... both written and in clay!

Mayssan Shora Farra said...

Thank you Seem:)