Thursday, October 04, 2012

Fall in the air

Ahh Autumn. I love this season, a bit later here than it was in WV, but lovely nonetheless, with its marvelous colors; and a nip in the night air that is conducive to sleeping, under cover, with the windows open.

Fall is always tinged with a hint of sadness as the days grow shorter and the layers of clothing grow thicker, just like my life in its waning years. But this year, it is especially sad, with a lot of anger about what is happening in Syria. Oh Syria my heart is ripping with you, yet I sit here helpless in my heaven, that feels so wrong exactly because it is so right.

In other news my painting is getting better, crowned for now with this Shark for my grandson's room per his mom's request.

Now they all want one of my paintings.

Stay tuned while I finish and post them. 

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