Sunday, September 14, 2008

After the Mound

The South Charleston Mound is an old native American burial site yet it is the center of the city so the grounds around it is used as a plaza and park combined and that is where the mound Festival is held.

I was there on Saturday. the weather turned out much better than I expected, no storms, nonetheless I got really hot, but I had friends stop by and stay for a visit notably Lynn who taught me pottery in the first place, the sales were good. I sold more big items than usual although less small purchases, but it all evened out and my sales were up from last year.
Again, for the 7th year in a row I got an award, this time for Fine art 2nd place, it varies between sculpture, fine art and pottery.

I didn’t take pictures because I was sort of burnt out from my previous show but I promise pictures next show.

Now it is back to the studio to fill orders seems the Internet is kind to and seems people are finding me at my website Got a call from a new gallery and a new show.

I am working on filling the orders but always have to have some for me, 6 Catliffs for Tamarack and 2 grape leaf masks for me, 2 Clayzards for Tamarack and 2 larger versions for me, an order of “All For One” and a new “Under the Tulip Tree” for me.
I will have to see how they all turn out, keeping my toes crossed because my fingers are too busy.

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