Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ups and Downs

I went to Charlotte last Weekend I thought a home show would fit perfectly with my fountains misters and my Claybeings will sell by the way.

My friend Dave does the show in March and he always tells me he slayed‘em. Well Dave slayed Goliath but for sure Goliath slayed me.

I came home with full boxes and empty pockets, but I also came wiser and more convinced than ever that Mayor Mel’s 50-mile radius from your home is still the best advice for selling.

I have a show this weekend 5 miles from home, the weather is supposed to be miserable but two days ago I got a call from the local paper to interview me about it, And it has been the best article yet (See previous post with the link), absolutely capturing my essence.

Although Charlotte was not a complete loss for it has my four grand babies with whom I am buddies and head over heels in love, Where I made a new friend in Kathryn Hughs, but Charleston is still home where I belong and fit and am appreciated.

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