Monday, March 07, 2011

NC Pottery Conference

The conference was all about Jingdezhen, China there were 5 simultaneous demonstrations going on. It was like trying to watch a 5 ring circus, no matter how hard one tried, there was always something missed.
And I did miss the Slab maker "Xie Zhenghua" as I was seated at an odd angle and the thrower hipnotized me into looking mostly at him.
Zhan Shaolin Throwing

He threw big, tall, wide and off the hump, he was fast powerful and accommodating, he even threw from sketches made by the audience.

Chattered Pot

Dai Guangyu trimming a big pot
He trimmed the inside, trimmed the outside, trimmed the chuck, Chattered very artistically, slipped and connected the parts and made sure it all fit together seemingly seamlessly.

Feng Weina painting under glaze
 She painted under glazes on bone dry pots spraying clear glaze as she changed from color to color.

Feng Shagnjin Painting over glazes on glazed ware

He is a true master of color and brush, composition and intensity.

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Pictures of NC Pottery Conference

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Unknown said...

Nice Mayssan! Wish I had been there. Thanks for posting all the pics.