Saturday, December 15, 2012


I hide in my haven.
I hide from Syria and my worry about her.
I hide from worrying about my Mom and family surviving in Damascus.
I hide from a mad man killing innocent children in Connecticut.
I hide from another slashing children in China.
I hide from the mad world hoping it will not find me.
I hide, yet not. there is no place to hide.
The best I can do is pray, work, create beauty to counter the ugliness and meditate to counter the noise.
Living here provides that, and I am grateful for our decision to move to this community.

 So here are some results of my fighting back:

* From a picture gleaned from a photo on the internet with poetic license.

" Looking at the sun"
 * My grand children are the joy of my life. So of course my first portrait is of my first grandson. From a picture taken by his mom on the last day at the pool, in September.

"Into the future"  

 * And another gleaned from a photo on the internet that went to a friend.

"Bridge over calm water"


Substance of Living said...

You fight back beautifully. There are times that it seems one person barely makes a difference. Yet, one person at a time, turning the ulgliness into beauty changes the tide just as a smile from a stranger can brighten our day.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful art.


Mayssan Shora Farra said...

Thank you Marie.

Mayssan Shora Farra said...
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